Design of a sustainable house

Keeping the living areas of this design facing north in temperate or cool climate locations, is critical in keeping the dwelling cool in summer and warm in winter.

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It is important when considering the energy consumption of lighting to look at wattage, not voltage. Our extensive experience in the practice of architecture means we understand building energy-use as well as sustainable energy policy. This process should be done early in your own design phase to give you maximum flexibility and ensure your design complies with minimum energy efficiency standards.

Transformer Office, Carlton Our client, a boutique graphic design and publishing company located in Carlton, sought to re-purpose an existing building for their new offices.

Materials are contemporary, sustainably sourced, recyclable and low maintenance, reflecting the palette of the native landscape. Also design facilities to include metering, to track the progress of sustainability initiatives, including reductions in energy and water use and waste generation, in the facility and on-site.

It is adjacent to a recreational trail, and 2 blocks from a shopping centre and bus route which connects the community to downtown Sudbury.

Another strategy, passive solar building designis often implemented in low-energy homes. Envirotecture was approached to design the renovation using best available sustainable principles, methods, and materials. I like to look at what can be removed to make space for the meaningful. Our custom home plans are designed specifically for the homeowner and the lot the home will be built on.

Related Issues Building resiliency is the capacity of a building to continue to function and operate under extreme conditions, such as but not limited to extreme temperatures, sea level rise, natural disasters, etc.

The toxics components of household products pose serious health risks and aggravate the trash problem. A new raised deck links the living areas with the courtyard. Theory[ edit ] The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design".

The dramatic high ceiling in the living area could be made into an additional feature, by using a ceiling of Hoop pine plywood; however if additional expense is an issue the space would also work well with a plasterboard ceiling. The main bedroom and second living room are accommodated in a two storey volume at the south end which is set apart from the rest of the house.

Some of the major building environmental assessment tools currently in use include: As a strategic approach, "emotionally durable design provides a useful language to describe the contemporary relevance of designing responsible, well made, tactile products which the user can get to know and assign value to in the long-term.

Triplets House The Read Triplets were born with muscular dystrophy and are wheelchair bound. Because of this we are incorporating Permaculture design principles throughout. The result is a compact, interwoven house that respects its surrounding environment whilst enhancing the passive solar performance of both the old and new sections of house and interaction with outdoor spaces at the rear.

Our stock house plans are delivered in reproducible digital pdf or CAD formats. Underneath the canopy of a dramatic, north-facing raked roof, the mezzanine facilitates interaction between each room in the house while still allowing separation of spaces for privacy, acoustics or thermal comfort if required.

Use drought tolerant landscaping. Green Orchard; Compton Greenfield, United Kingdom; Paul Archer Design Sliding exterior wall panels allow the inhabitants of this home to regulate passive heat gain from the sun.

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61custom specializes in contemporary & modern house plans. We offer custom home design services, semi-custom home plans, in stock houseplans, mid-century.

Sustainable House Day Open the door to sustainable living by touring some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes on show at Sustainable House Day, Sunday 15th September This unique peer to peer education is a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and the key to sustainable living.

Matt's plans for the new build took about 12 months from brief to completion, and council was enthusiastic about the sustainable design. Sharon and Malcolm chose local builders John Lawson and Phil Lovell of Lawson & Lovell Building Services for the project. Award-winning Custom Home Design. Headed by Fu-Tung Cheng in Berkeley, CA for over 30 years, CHENG Design is a contemporary, full-service custom residential and commercial design studio.

On 21 Februarythe world's best interiors and designers were honoured at the Frame Awards Show, with the crème de la crème of the interior design world in attendance.

Design of a sustainable house
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